Childcare Soho Stroller 'Black'

Childcare Soho stroller “Black” PO# TA-1988600, PO# TA- 1993322, PO# TA- 1993323

These strollers were sold exclusively through Target nationally from 30 September 2019 - February 2020.

The Problem

After receiving feedback from a very small number of customers, and in consultation with our manufacturing team, we identified a quality fault in a small number of our Childcare stroller models.

The recall is as a result of a fault in manufacturing of the axle – a groove cut into the axle has been cut too deeply. This reduces the strength of the axle and increases the likelihood that it will snap if placed under duress. There is no suggestion that the axle will break under normal use.

There have been no injuries reported as a result of the fault.


How to identify if you have an affected stroller?

What to do?

If your stroller is not the model or Purchase Orders (PO#) as indicated above, you do not need to take any further action.

If you have an affected stroller, you will be provided with a replacement axle/wheel set which will be delivered to you at no cost. You should discard the original axle/wheel set and install the replacement set as per the instructions which will be provided. We will ship this via express shipping. Times may vary depending upon location.

If you have an affected model, please click the below link to arrange for a replacement axle/wheelset to be delivered. You will be redirected to our product distribution page where you can enter your details and complete your order.

Need Replacement Parts?

Common Questions

How do I know if my stroller is affected?

Each Childcare stroller has a panel on the frame which outlines the model and Purchase Orders (PO#). Please check this against the details above. If your unit is not one of the seven Purchase Orders (PO#) across the three models, then you do not need to take further action.

Are all units impacted?

No. Consumers should be reminded that not all units are impacted and new rear axle and wheels units are only appropriate for affected units. Please check the model and batch number on the frame of the stroller, or on the box if it remains in packaging.

How do I arrange a replacement axle/wheelset?

If you have an affected stroller, please click on the link above, input your details, and a replacement axle/wheelset will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Do any other strollers distributed by CNP Brands have usage issues/product faults?

No. This product fault is limited to seven batches across three models only. If you are in possession of a different product and you are concerned about its usage/safety you are encouraged to return the product to the outlet you purchased it from.

How will my new axle/wheelset be delivered? Will it require a signature on delivery? 

You will receive your replacement wheelset via Australia Post non-contact service.