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This website has been established to provide clear and concise instructions for owners of our products who may need to report or seek information on product safety matters.

We seek to provide superior levels of safety, quality and revolutionary design, while still maintaining our fundamental principle of always delivering quality service and support to our customers.

Past Recalls

Childcare Stroller 'Grey'

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Childcare Soho Stroller "Black"

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Childcare Zeke Stroller "Navy"

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The Problem

This problem has been isolated to seven Purchase Orders (PO#) of the Childcare Stroller.

After receiving feedback from a very small number of customers, and in consultation with our manufacturing team, we identified a quality fault in a small number of our Childcare stroller models.

The recall is as a result of a fault in manufacturing of the axle – a groove cut into the axle has been cut too deeply on seven Purchase Orders (PO#) of the Childcare Stroller. This reduces the strength of the axle and increases the likelihood that it will snap if placed under duress. There is no suggestion that the axle will break under normal use.

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