Childcare Coda High Chair

Model No: 044270-143, 044270-382

Sold nationally from 13 January 2016 to 2 November 2018

The Problem

After receiving feedback from a very small number of customers, and in consultation with our manufacturing team, we identified a possible quality fault in a small number of our Pod high chairs.

In some circumstances, it may be possible for the plastic casing at the top of the chair leg to break or the seat to crack. 

A potential fault may occur if the high chair has been in use for 2 years or more, or if the chair is placed under extreme torsion. Not all units are impacted.

How to identify if you have an eligible high chair?

What to do?

If your high chair is not the model number listed above, you do not need to take any action.

Consumers should first check their high chair to see whether it is eligible for an after-sales service (see above). 

A supportive cross-brace kit for eligible high chairs, designed to strengthen the structure of the chair and help prevent unreasonable torsion, will be sent to the consumer, with installation instructions, at no cost.

If you have an eligible model, please click the below link to arrange for a cross-brace kit to be delivered. You will be redirected to our product distribution page where you can enter your details and complete your order.

Common Questions

Is my pod high chair safe?

There is nothing to indicate that normal use of the pod high chair will result in product failure or injury. However, we encourage customers with affected models to register for a supportive cross-brace kit to offer further protection against unreasonable torsion to the chair. 


How do I know if my high chair is affected?

Consumers can identify if they have an affected unit by reviewing the product details beside the barcode below the plastic seat of the high chair, or on the box if the unit remains in packaging.

If your unit is not one of the listed models, then you do not need to take further action.


How do I arrange a supportive cross-brace kit?

If you have an affected high chair, please click on the link above, input your details, and a supportive cross-brace kit will be sent to you as soon as possible.


Are other high chairs affected?

A possible fault has only been identified in high chairs with the model numbers listed above.